Brand Developers Ltd – The TV Shop

Australasia’s Largest Direct Marketing Company – HOME of “THIN LIZZIE”

Having successfully completed a project for Brand Developers in the past, New Vision Office Interiors were invited to assist in the re-design and to project manage the THREE levels of refurbishments for Brand Developers Ltds new office/call centre in Takapuna, Auckland.

Brand Developers required a layout which would meet their operational requirements for improved call centre management, sales presentation areas, meeting and board rooms with a more integrated set up for staff. Following extensive discussions, the New Vision team was appointed to create this new facility.

Pastel colours, high quality finishes, along with a naturally lit and open planned style, together with meeting rooms and executive offices all combined to help achieve the required result. Suppliers, clients and visitors alike form their initial impressions of what is to come from the time they enter the new reception area.

New Vision were given a short period of time for the demount and rebuild and were also asked to source outside contractors for server room work, detailed cleaning etc. All extra tasks agreed to by New Vision were handled promptly and efficiently. The New Vision team completed the contract on time and within budget.

Alert Taxis

Auckland’s Foremost Taxi Company

New Vision has completed a number of design, manufacture and build contracts for Alert Taxis in Auckland.

Alert Taxis is a very switched on, technology-based company, allowing young people in Auckland to see a different light into the taxi industry. Alert Taxis’ dynamic owners have succeeded in building a company that is young, fresh and full of vision. They have positioned Alert as the ‘leader of the pack’ in the industry, impressing both customers and drivers with its state of the art technology and passionate leadership. Alert Taxis operates Alert Zero, Maxi Taxis, North Harbour Taxis, Kiwi Cabs – Whangarei, Red Cabs – Hamilton and Regency cabs.

The Alert Taxis call centre needed to be attractive, capable of expansion as the business grew and open plan. New Visions design and build concept certainly took care of all of these requirements for Alert Taxis.

We now have a call centre to be proud of and are working with New Vision for a design and build concept for an additional call centre for our new carrying contract with a major Airline.

Bosco Connect Ltd

A Wholesale Power Company

5 years ago Bosco Connect moved to new offices in Parnell, Auckland, that were fully open plan and had no meeting rooms or private offices.

The New Vision Team were asked to provide plans that allowed for a Board/Meeting room, management offices and separation for differing areas of our call centre. This was achieved in a remarkably short period of time using fully demountable walls, both solid and with glass to allow natural light throughout our offices.

As our company grew, a new more open plan layout was deemed necessary. We are fortunate that the initial layout recommended and built by New Vision used full height demountable walls. These were able to be moved and re-sized as necessary, saving our company large expense. The New Vision team worked evenings and weekends so as not to impact on our call centre staff.

We now have great new offices, thanks to New Vision.

Franklin District Council

a Visionary Rural Council

Franklin District Council has used New Vision Office Interiors for a number of projects at its Pukekohe offices. With a large population increase over the past decade, the Council has endeavoured to make the most of available office space and land.

The New Vision people have been helpful with design and planning as well as the manufacture and fitting of desk screens, stand alone screening and full height demountable screens for individual offices. As the Councils accommodation demands have changed, New Vision has been helpful in using existing screens to combine with new screens to alter its office layouts. By reusing and modifying existing screens, New Vision has assisted Council with control of expenditure by utilizing what it already had.

In an effort to get the best use of space, Council located its first Portacom building in 2005. New Vision provided Council with a design concept using full height demountable screens and windows to convert the Portacom building into a number of totally self contained offices and work spaces, with a central hallway. Councils original Portacom now has two more alongside. All have been fitted out in a similar manner to give staff their own office or space with privacy and security.