Companies often wonder how they portray to both prospective clients and employees just what they are about. While it may be tempting to overhaul your website or buy a billboard, the truth is, the best way you can display what your business’s culture is about happens to be through what your office looks like. At New Vision Creative Interiors, we know the workspace not only shows how your employees work together on a daily basis, but it provides a baseline for what the “vibe” of your company has. When you have an office space that is fun and open, your customers or clients will enjoy being in it, which means they will enjoy being with you. On the other hand, if you have an office that is poorly designed, people won’t be able to get out of your workspace fast enough. With that said, let’s talk about some of the mistakes you might be making when it comes to design of your office space.

It Gives The Wrong Impression Or No Impression At All

If you want to be successful, you likely already know that you need to have a consistent brand. Many business owners don’t realize that this idea absolutely transcends to their office space. If your company markets itself as professional and no-nonsense, your office space should reflect that. Conversely, if your company prides itself on being fun and creative, you office space should show that instead.

It Prevents Productivity

There are many different schools of thought about what makes a workspace productive and what doesn’t. However, there are definite things to avoid regardless of the type of company you run. One of these things is bad lighting. If your workspace isn’t bright enough, your employees may find themselves nodding off all day long. Then again, making the lights too bright will likely lead to contagious migraines.  You should also make sure that your office space is not too hot and not too cold. In the spirit of Goldilocks, you want the temperature in your workspace to be “just right.”

It Isn’t Inviting

Even if your business has a very serious persona, your office space should still be welcoming. This means making sure there are areas in your office in which your employees can chat or grab a quick working lunch together. Additionally, we would recommend having plants in your space to some degree as they make spaces look larger and generally more inviting.

It Isn’t Ergonomic

Adding ergonomic desks and chairs is a great way to not only improve productivity in your office, but to also reduce the risk of employees harming themselves from being sedentary for too long. This is also a great way to show to potential employees that you do care about the health of those who work at your company.

There Is No Privacy/Collaboration Balance

A great office space is all about balance, if you haven’t noticed already. With that being said, you should make sure that your employees have enough privacy to get their solo work completed in a timely manner while also giving them places where they can collaborate as groups.

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