Glass Entryway

Is your office looking tired and dated? Perhaps your office is no longer conveying the image you wish to project? Has office space become tight, making you wonder whether to move or renovate?

Office refurbishment may be the answer…

A new workplace design and modern office fitout will be less expensive than relocating your office to a new premises.

A properly laid out office will maximise space and reduce crowding and clutter, making your office space appear larger and be more functional.

Benefits of good office design

Office space designed for your particular business will not only cater better to your employees and their needs, it will also create a better first impression of your business to clients and business partners.

Other benefits include:

  • improved staff morale and motivation
  • increased creativity and productivity
  • improved communication and teamwork
  • less work-related stress
  • more attractive and comfortable workplace
  • improved employee safety

Office planning

When planning an office space you should consider the following to ensure your make the best of the space available to you:

  • number of employees, their needs and well-being
  • whether to have private offices or cubicles, or a combination of both
  • provision and location of storage areas
  • communal areas for meetings, staff amenities, etc
  • thermal comfort and energy consumption
  • air quality
  • making the most of natural lighting
  • future growth