1. You can have the most amazing office design

    Your Office Design Could Be Making You More Money

    You have undoubtedly heard the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” at some point or another. As nice as an idea as this may be, it simply is not app licable in a business environment. These days, having a strong business that people seek out to hire, requires much more than just being …Read More

  2. Glass Fitouts Office Design

    Don’t Get Overwhelmed Choosing Your New Office Fit-outs

    Whether you have just moved into a new office space or you have decided to renovate an old one, choosing new fit-outs for your commercial space can be a very exhausting process. There are many things that you must consider like how much space you have and what your budget is, as well as how you woul…Read More

  3. Custom Office Design

    Six top trends for office fit-outs

    A new era of innovation, colour and collaboration has moved into the office, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The time of the isolated worker is long gone. Instead of traditional closed office layouts, offices are introducing lower walls between desks, casual meeting areas, and ABW (activi…Read More

  4. Glass Entryway

    Does your office space fit your business?

    Is your office looking tired and dated? Perhaps your office is no longer conveying the image you wish to project? Has office space become tight, making you wonder whether to move or renovate? Office refurbishment may be the answer… A new workplace design and modern office fitout will be less …Read More

  5. White Office Fitout

    How To Plan Your Upcoming Commercial Office Fitout

    Even though a commercial office fitout can provide your workplace with a large number of benefits, it can prove to be quite a stressful project that takes up a large portion of your time and budget. One of the most important things that you can do in preparation for your fitout is to plan it careful…Read More

  6. New Vision partners with Flexirent

    New Vision Office Interiors is proud to have partnered with Flexirent to offer customers a new way to pay. There are 3 new options you have now. Operating Lease: for business customers lease payments are typically 100% tax deductible and ideal for keeping pace with rapidly depreciating technology. L…Read More

  7. Environmental Focus for Office Fitouts

    Ska rating for office fit-out explained William Poole-Wilson, partner at architect and workplace consultant Pringle Brandon, outlines a new environmental tool and how it was applied to the fit-out of a London hq. In the UK, approximately £6.5 billion is spent each year on office fit-outs and this f…Read More