We currently work with Councils and Government Departments to refurbish and renovate local government and governmental buildings in the Greater Auckland area. We have a great understanding of the care and professionalism that goes hand-in-hand with working with the goverment sector and ensure that any projects we undertake for any government body exceed requirements, meet budgets, and meet all deadlines. Our team of dedicated building specialists can provide tailored services depending on your specific project, to ensure your site is FIT for your needs.

We can take care of all your refurbishment needs, from design planning to relaying floors, landscaping, etc., all depending on what is the best solution to fit your needs, timelines, and budget.

Our refurbishment services include:

  • Site Assessment
  • Space planning, architectural and interior design
  • Management of design and construction approval process with council and/or relevant parties
  • Management of all trade contractors
  • Management of all service requirements including:
    • Mechanical
    • Fire
    • Hydraulic
    • Electrical
    • Communications
    • Security



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