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“Under most lease arrangements a tenant is responsible for repairs & maintenance to a specified tenancy condition during the lease term & for returning the property to a defined condition at relocation or expiry.”

As an example statement, “The Tenant is to bring the tenancy back to its original condition including the removal of Partition Walls, Joinery, Services, Carpet & Ceilings. New Carpet, ceiling tiles & perimeter wall paint are to be applied upon removal of all items”.

This should not be underestimated. In terms of commercial office property, lease end Make Good can equate to 75 to 125% of the rent per square metre & more under certain circumstances.

Make Good Services

At New Vision Office Interiors, we provide independent, professional advice in relation to repairs, maintenance & Make Good obligations throughout the lease cycle & in advance of relocation.

With over twenty years of business operating experience we have extensive data on Make Good costs, which can provide a quick benchmark comparison on request.

A scope of works for a make good project will typically include; the removal of furniture and fittings, rectifying modifications, replacing carpet, patching and painting, disconnecting and making good non-standard electrical services (that can include removal of power poles), light fittings and power communications cabling, replacing all damaged or missing light defuses and thorough cleaning of all internal and external areas.

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